AS50 Mag

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Loot Item
AS50 Mag
AS50 Mag
Category Ammunition
Shop price 40 vm
Inventory slots 0.1
Ammo in clip 5

The AS50 Mag is an ammunition item in MTA DayZ. Primarily used by AS50 TWS weapon.

Where to find

Most loot places with AS50 Mag located in Bone County (40%). Other places in Whetstone (20%), Unknown (10%), San Fierro (10%), Red County (10%) and Las Venturas (10%).

Spawn chances table:

Place Chance
Bag (air drop) 10%
Underwater military box 8%
Military box 3%
Military loot (very high) 1%

Also you can find this item with related weapons (listed below).


Weapon Damage
AS50 TWS 100995