BF Injection

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BF Injection
BF Injection
ID 424
Category Cars
Storage slots 30
Tires 4
Engines 1
Tank parts 1
Batteries 1
Tank volume 50
Fuel consumption 0.35
Max health 1300

The BF Injection is a car in MTA DayZ. The engine sound of this veihcle is fully customized (as well as other sounds).

This vehicle is protected 30% more than usual vehicle in game.

This vehicle has machine tool for machine guns (M60, M1919 Browning) and rocket launcher (UB-32PV).

Where to find (spawns)

3 vehicles on the server. Table with spawn points:

# City Area Coordinates
1 Bone County 'The Big Ear' -188, 1538
2 Bone County Verdant Meadows 396, 2543
3 San Fierro Easter Basin -1473, 366

You can check out all spawns on the Interactive Map.

Characteristics (handling)

Top speed: 67 mph.

Top speed (Turbo mode): 79 mph.

Drive Type RWD
Engine Acceleration 9.8
Engine Inertia 10
Brake Deceleration 6
Steering Lock 40