Binoculars IV

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Loot Item
Binoculars IV
Binoculars IV
Equipment slot Special
Shop price 70 vm
Inventory slots 1

The Binoculars IV is a military item in MTA DayZ.

Where to find

Most loot places with Binoculars IV located in Tierra Robada (21%). Other places in Bone County (17%), San Fierro (15%), Red County (14%), Los Santos (13%), Flint County (7%), Whetstone (6%) and Las Venturas (5%).

Table with spawn chances:

Place Chance
Sniper loot 10%
Water area loot 10%
Military loot (bases) 9%
Military loot 7%
Hunter loot 5%

Available actions

Action Description
Equip Special Weapon This item can be equipped by double-click (or via context menu) in Inventory.
Note:It appears in the player's hand.