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ID 400
Category Military Vehicles
Storage slots 80
Tires 4
Engines 1
Tank parts 1
Batteries 1
Tank volume 100
Fuel consumption 0.2
Max health 1000

The Landstalker is a military vehicle in MTA DayZ. The engine sound of this veihcle is fully customized (as well as other sounds).

The trunk can be opened via actions menu.

This vehicle has machine tool for machine guns (M60, M1919 Browning) and rocket launcher (UB-32PV).

Where to find (spawns)

2 vehicles on the server. Table with spawn points:

# City Area Coordinates
1 Flint County Flint Intersection -95, -1514
2 Whetstone Mount Chiliad -2292, -1666

You can check out all spawns on the Interactive Map.

Vinyls (paint jobs)

You can modify the body texture of this vehicle. This feature is available for rent in Tuning garage.

We provide a template image that you can use to create your own version and upload it to the server.

Your custom made texture will be visible for everyone in game.

Characteristics (handling)

Top speed: 99 mph.

Top speed (Turbo mode): 116 mph.

Drive Type AWD
Engine Acceleration 13
Engine Inertia 15
Brake Deceleration 6.2
Steering Lock 40