M1919 Browning

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Loot Item
M1919 Browning
M1919 Browning
Category Weapons
Shop price 40 vm
Inventory slots 4
Ammo M1919 Belt
Damage 5000

The M1919 Browning is a military item in MTA DayZ. This weapon can be installed on some vehicles in game (Securicar, Maverick, BF Injection, Sadler, FBI Rancher, Landstalker, Bobcat, Sadler Damaged). Also it can be placed like a machine gun station.

Where to find

This is really special item. You can't find it in any loot point on the server.

Available actions

Action Description
Place a machine gun This item can be used by double-click (or via context menu) in Inventory.
Note:Machine gun station appears on the ground in front of the player.