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ID 563
Category Helicopters
Storage slots 60
Tires 3
Engines 2
Tank parts 1
Rotors 1
Batteries 2
Tank volume 400
Fuel consumption 2.3
Max health 1000

The Raindance is a helicopter in MTA DayZ. The engine sound of this veihcle is fully customized (as well as other sounds).

Where to find (spawns)

This model is unique (only one vehicle on the server).

Table with spawn point information:

# City Area Coordinates
1 San Fierro Easter Bay Airport -1214, 183

You can check out this spawn on the Interactive Map.

Characteristics (handling)

Top speed: 80 mph.

Drive Type AWD
Engine Acceleration 6.4
Engine Inertia 5
Brake Deceleration 5
Steering Lock 30