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Written in English. If you don't understand something please contact us using Facebook PM or other means of communication.

Forbidden (general)

  1. Violation of any international agreements about data on the Internet (including the International Convention on Cybercrime, spreading of malicious software and fraud).
    • Applicable in the boundaries of the project itself as well as related resources (website, social media, etc.)
  2. Distribution of any advertising materials (servers, websites, etc.) in any form.
  3. Insulting players, administration or any life form.
  4. Racism / Nazism in any form.
  5. Spreading personal photos or other materials in game chat, comments or project resources (like social media).
    • We determine what is considered as personal data and what is not on a case by case basis.
    • Please note that in many cases publicly available data (like a name of social media account) is not considered as personal data. However we still encourage all players to not involve real life data in the game.
  6. Flood, misinformation and abusive behavior in game chat, comments or project resources (like social media).
    • Additionally it includes incitement to ethnic or racial hatred and so called "holy war" in any form.
  7. Using any software (modifications, cheats, etc.) as well as game bugs that gives advantage over other players.
    • Spreading information about found bugs in public considered as major violation of project rules.
    • You have to report all found bugs directly to us using Facebook PM or other private means of communication.
    • If you don’t report found bugs then it will be considered as a violation of this rule. Usually we determine all abusers of specific bug after it discovered using server logs. Most of player actions in game are recorded.
    • If you collaborate with a cheater in game without reporting it then you may be eligible to the same punishment (collaboration includes shared gameplay as well as any related activity outside of the game).
  8. Disconnect during the fight (relog).
    • Also don’t forget about “ANTI-RELOG” notification on the screen. If you see this notification then you will die right after disconnect.
    • Please note that if player wasn't hit shortly before the relog then there is no violation.
  9. Items duplication (dup). Punishment is very serious. PS: it’s more profitable to report major bugs like this and receive a reward than to lose all loot items / vehicles / etc.
    • If you store (save, keep, use) illegally acquired items then you may be punished as well.
    • Pay attention to trade deals you make or sudden charities from players. Be suspicious. Otherwise you may end up banned just because you have illegally obtained items in your possession.
    • In any case like this all loot (including legally acquired) will be removed as punishment in addition to the termination of in-game account.
  10. Selling in-game items (loot, vehicles, virtual money, etc.) for real money.
    • Suggestions of such deals punished pretty much the same as actual deals. The buyer as well as the seller will lose all loot / vehicles / etc.
    • Additional information about this policy (from February 3, 2017) - (Russian).
  11. Selling or leasing game bases. You can safely rent any available base using our website -
    • Please note that it's not possible to transfer ownership of the base.
    • So if someone is offering you to sell a base then this person simply wants to scam you. We recommend you to decline the offer and report it to us so we could prevent farther attempts to scam other players in game.
  12. Violation of trade deal conditions (example of trade deal: items exchange).
    • Don’t forget to specify the exact type and amount of items / vehicles.
    • If you buy the loot or vehicles from inside of some base then you have to make a deal with owner of this base (it's important).
    • To provide help we require screenshots of deal conditions (discussion in game chat or Facebook messages). Use F12 to make screenshots in game (it’s important).
    • WARNING: We are not obligated to solve your problems with trade deals. We can't guarantee successful resolution of trade related conflicts. All deals in game are risky and can't be fully protected regardless of this rule.
  13. Intentional harm to the project itself or related resources.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them!

  • As in the real world, it doesn't matter if you didn't read the rules or didn't understand it. If you violate the rules then you will be held accountable and receive full and proper punishment.

This list includes only basic rules, the list can be changed or updated anytime without prior notification.

We reserve the right to refuse service or support to anyone for any reason (or without the reason).

  • Typically we don't refuse service or support if user follows the rules and act appropriately. Don't be evil.

In specific cases that are not regulated by these rules we reserve a right to apply the punishment or necessary changes on our own accord.

Report a violation

You can report any violation directly to us using Facebook Messenger (our group: TOP-GTA MTA DayZ).

In general if you report something then it's very important to mention: server, nickname of the perpetrator and date / time of the violation (if you report right away [within an hour] then you can skip date / time). And don't forget to mention the violation itself. Sometimes it may be easier to record a video or make a screenshot but it's not required if you send us all information using text without mistakes (like for example you shouldn't write a nickname from memory otherwise there is a high chance to make a mistake). This information is required so we could check the logs and determine if mentioned violation actually occurred (basically every action in game is recorded so we don't really need to connect to the server and watch something happening by ourselves).

  • If you report chat related violation then you need to upload a screenshot (it should be a normal screenshot of the game [use F12], photo of the monitor, cut or edited screenshots, etc. are not accepted).
    [!] In case if there are non English messages then you may need to provide a text copy of these messages (you can copy the text from console [F8]).

Other rules