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The virtual money (also known as vm) is a game currency that can be used to buy game things or game bases.

How to use

To get loot

You can use virtual money to buy game stuff in the Loot Shop without any limits.

Press F1 to open Loot Shop on the game server.

Alternative way - toggle_loot_shop (command; type it in game console - F8 or in local chat - T).

To get virtual base

The virtual base provides a safe place to store items and vehicles on the server. Access to this place restricted by white-list.

If you wanna buy the virtual base (highly protected structure) please use our web system

How to get virtual money

We provide universal donation system for all countries in the world (via third-party services).

System is fully automated.

Available payment systems: PayPal and Paymentwall.


PayPal provides 2 payment methods:

  • Bank Cards (credit or debit)
  • Balance

So this payment system specializes only in bank operations.


Paymentwall provides a huge list of payment methods for different countries and for any age:

  • Bank Cards (credit or debit)
  • E-Wallets
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash and Prepaid (offline payments)
  • Mobile and Phone (available only in several countries)

So Paymentwall gives you high availability. If you don't have PayPal or you can't use it then this payment system is the best option for you.

Transfer money

Loot Shop has inbuilt feature to transfer vm between players. It can be used for trading or to help friends.

Please use "transfer" button in right top corner of Loot Shop window (F1 on the server).

You will able to see a list of all online players on the server. Attention! Check the nickname at least twice just to be sure that selected player is correct.

Warning! You will not able to return vm after successful operation.